If the government had given a special incentive for green factories, many more entrepreneurs would be motivated to go green.


The whole world has been suffering a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic. Every sector of the industry has been affected. The textile industry is the main remittance earning source for Bangladesh. This industry has been affected a lot due to lockdown everywhere and a shortage of orders. As everywhere vaccination has been started and the COVID-19 infection situation is better now. Fortunately, Bangladesh is receiving plenty of orders now. Team Textile Focus talked with industry stakeholders to know about their present business scenario Md. Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Group shared his views-


Mithila Textiles Ltd. being the first LEED Platinum certified green woven Textile factory in the world, is getting some facilities from Buyers. In today’s world everyone is worried about sustainable production. For example, in China, there is a red category factor which pollutes the environment and the government is closing it down. Since we have a green factory, buyers are giving us priority in ordering.

Now a days Many factory owners want to know, how we have made the Green project successful. As there is high initial investment, Entrepreneurs are usually afraid of this. But I would say that when the factory comes to production, the cost goes down drastically. For example, we are saving 68% energy, we are also recovering 85-95% caustic. We are also reusing 50% water from ETP , and rest of the 50% is used for irrigation and fishering.

These above mentioned area save huge amount t if cost, its become possible just because of being LEED Platinum category certified Factory. Many Entrepreneurs will Be Inspired To build Green Factories If proper Honor and Guidance From Government are ensured. You all Know that we have recently been awarded the Bangabandhu Green Factory Award and I believe such activities will inspire Entrepreneurs. However, we still need some facilities from Government.

I would like to draw the attention of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the fact that just as she has declared Bangladesh as 100% electrified, if our business sector could be guaranteed 100% gas supply then we could be a role model in world business. If the government had given a special incentive and low interest bank loan tax VAT facility to those who have green factories, many more entrepreneurs would have been motivated to go green. If these benefits can be guaranteed by government then I believe by 2030 many more entrepreneurs will ensure green factories