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Grameen Uniqlo has distributed winter clothes to destitute, homeless and helpless people around the country



Countries one of the popular clothing Retailers, Grameen Uniqlo has distributed winter clothes to about 600 destitute, homeless and helpless people inside Dhaka city. Almost every year Grameen Uniqlo is trying to stand by the side of all the disadvantaged people.

Not only inside Dhaka, Like every year, but also Grameen Uniqlo has distributed winter clothes to 1300 families in Panchagarh district, the northernmost and coldest region of the country, and various other places. Such programs are organized every year out of a sense of social responsibility.

screenshot-15Shoriful Islam, Assistant General Manager- Marketing & Home Delivery Service, Grameen UNIQLO, Bangladesh, Said, “Working at Grameen UNIQLO teaches that there are many more social responsibilities is upon us besides our daily job duties. Employees working at Grameen UNIQLO voluntarily participate in such kinds of social activities besides regular day-to day job responsibilities. Grameen UNIQLO also encourages its members to contribute to developing the lives of distressed, homeless & needy people around us. This effort will continue in the future for the welfare of the people.”

Grameen UNIQLO has pioneered a social business framework in Bangladesh through which equal opportunity for work, industrial development and support for   socially vulnerable people could be  made. And all the profits will be reinvested for Bangladeshi people to solve social issues.