Grasshopper Group and FG Glass have jointly brought the fire-resistant glass to the market

Speakers at a programme on Monday called upon all to follow national building codes properly to ensure fire safety issues to reduce fire-related casualties across the country.

They also urged regulator bodies, inception departments and local governments to play a vital role here so that all people build safety establishments for the sake of future generations. 

They made the remarks during the interactive session on “Fire-Safe Glazing For Architecture” at Hotel InterContinental in Dhaka. Grasshopper Group and FG Glass jointly organized the event to launch Schott fire safety glazing in the Bangladesh market.

As the chief guest, President of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) Ar. Professor Dr Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed said they witnessed many buildings collapse and fire casualties like Rana Plaza, Tazreen Fashion, FR Tower, Nimtoli, and Chhurihatta incidents.

“The incidents occurred not maintaining building codes and other rules. Each regulator body failed to monitor the building and factories,” he also said.

Dr Sabbir urged all government regulator bodies, inception, and local government Departments to monitor buildings amply for the sake of the next generation.

“Architects have a great job here. Standarded factories and buildings should be a priority considering the future. Though, architects have to meet their client’s demand for cost-effective,’ he pointed out.

Tariq Kachwala, Director of FG Glass gave a welcome speech there while Helmut Kugelmann, Director of Sales Fire Resistant and Security Glazing, SCHOTT presented a keynote on glass and glass ceramics.

During the panel discussion, Vice President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA) Shahidullah Azim said they improved vastly fire safety measures in their garments industry after Rana plaza and Tazreen Fashion.

 “Bangladesh boasts over 170 Leed-certified green RMG factories now which is the highest number in the world. Now we follow building codes,” he added 

He also added that the incidents of Tazreen and Rana plaza were turning points for the industry which made a revolution in the fire safety issue.

Principal Architect, Shattoto Ar. Rafiq Azam said they have to consider the cost before constructing buildings as per clients’ demand. High product prices impact here.

Architect & Partner DWM4 Architects Mamnoon Murshed Chowdhury said they always try to aware people of fire safety issues and regulations as well.

Former Director (Operation and Maintenance) Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense Major (Retd.) A K M Shakil Newaz said he led many fire disasters like FR tower fire incidents which were inexpressible incidents.

“However, i urge all to follow national building codes and fire safety regulations to reduce all types of casualties,” he also said.

MEP Consultant Engr. Md. Hasmotuzzaman requested everyone to be on the same page and work together for the development of the national building code by addressing all the errors of the codes. He said the code should be timely and consider the modern designs of infrastructures.

President of the Electronics Safety and Security Association of Bangladesh (ESSAB) Zahir Uddin Babar said they were facing various customs problems while importing the safety products.

“However, I request manufacturers to fix low prices maintaining products quality so that people are encouraged to use the products,” he also said.

He added that their members are playing a vital role to develop the sector. They meet 80 per cent of domestic demand through import.

Managing Director of Grasshopper Group Mahmudur Rashid said “We are very proud to join our hands with FG glass to provide sustainable and safe glazing solutions for our industries and buildings” He also thanked FG Glass (India) for becoming interested in investing in Bangladesh.