Greenbud joins hands with Textile Focus to promote industry environment practices


In a significant collaboration, Greenbud, a prominent environmental consultancy firm based in Bangladesh, has joined forces with Textile Focus as an Industry Associates partner to enhance the global promotion of eco-friendly practices.

The crest momento handover ceremony, marking this partnership, was attended by notable individuals including Syed Tasnem Mahmood, CEO of Greenbud; MA Islam Riyadh, Editor of Textile Focus; Syeed Jesan Mahmood, Head of Marketing & Brand Development; and Rakibul Islam, Special Correspondent of Textile Focus.

As part of the Textile Focus Industry Associates program, Greenbud will have the opportunity to leverage their expertise, communication channels, and resources to promote sustainable environmental solutions. This collaboration aims to create awareness and drive the adoption of eco-friendly practices across the textile industry worldwide.

Greenbud, driven by a deep commitment to sustainability and powered by eco practices, has already made significant contributions in the field of environmental consultancy. They have successfully conducted audits and provided consultancy services to over 600 Ready-Made Garment (RMG) factories and several large-scale projects in Bangladesh. Their extensive experience positions them as a valuable partner in advancing eco-conscious initiatives within the textile sector.

By joining forces with Textile Focus, Greenbud strengthens its efforts to champion sustainability and contribute to a greener future for the textile industry. This collaboration opens new avenues for knowledge-sharing and establishes a platform for advocating environmentally responsible practices on a global scale.