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Gucci is the most bought and sold brand in 2021


gucciAccording to RealReal’s latest 2021 luxury resale report, Gucci is the most bought and sold brand in 2021. The report is based on the behavior of more than 23 million members of RealReal and the data behind more than 19 million items sold, including the lasting impact of a pandemic on how people buy and sell, the current state of luxury resale.

The report shows, Gucci’s purchases increased 62 per cent and outsourcing increased 61 per cent year-on-year. Generation X is Gucci’s No. 1 buyer and shipper. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Dior were amongst the other brands in the list of top five An emerging brand, Teflar’s sales increased 590 per cent this year. Shoppers have returned to their preppy roots in streetwear, and the outdoors have blended into streetstyle, making flagship products such as Yeezy and Supreme less popular, and brands such as Casablanca increased 358 per cent and Salomon by 188 per cent.

According to RealReal, more people have bought and sold in the circular economy over the past year, with 29 per cent buyers buying the first second-hand luxury goods in the past year. Shoppers are becoming more and more conscious consumers, with 40 per cent of RealReal shoppers looking to resell luxury goods instead of fast fashion, and 43 per cent of buyers to make sustainability luxury goods. It is listed as the main driving force for accepting resale.