Gucci logo belt once again became the world’s hottest fashion product


gucci-beltAccording to the most recent index of the luxury shopping site Lyst, Gucci logo belt once again became the world’s hottest fashion product dethroning US sportswear giant Nike, which topped the chart. In a quarter that saw the luxury Italian label livestream its Epilogue range in July, with worldwide views topping 35 million, The Lyst 2020 declared Gucci the world’s hottest brand in a quarter that saw the most viewed digital event to date.

In the quarter, page views on the brand jumped 52 percent year-on-year. Off-White, whose founder Virgil Abloh unveiled a $1 million scholarship fund for black design students in the quarter, opened new stores in London, Miami and Milan, held second position on the list, while Nike, which posted an 82% leap in digital revenue and launched its first dedicated maternity line, slipped two positions to seventh.

To find the world’s hottest products, Lyst’s formula filters more than six million items by volume of social media mentions, searches, page views, interactions and sales across thousands of online stores. We group colours for styles, and take into account global demand per volume of stock available.


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