Ha-Meem Group and Textile Focus Join hands to Promote Industry best practices globally


In a significant move towards fostering industry best practices and sustainable fashion, Ha-Meem Group, one of Bangladesh’s largest textiles and garment manufacturers, has partnered with Textile Focus, a prominent textile industry magazine. The collaboration aims to enhance knowledge sharing and promote ethical and environmentally conscious practices within the fashion industry worldwide.

During the prestigious crest momento handover ceremony, key figures from both organizations were present, including Mr Sajid Azad Director of Ha-Meem Group, A.F. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, ED, OP(CEO), Ha-Meem Group, Mohammad Abu Shahin, CPA ED(Audit), Ha-Meem Group, Mohammad Shah Alam FCA, DGM – Finance, Ha-Meem Group, Ziaur Rahman, DGM-HR; of Ha-Meem Group, Md. Mostafa Kamal, Sr. Manager (Operation) Textile Focus and Denim Focus, Rakibul Islam, Manager (Business Development) of Textile Focus and Denim Focus.

Ha-Meem Group, led by its visionary Founder and Managing Director, A K Azad, holds a prominent position as the country’s leading exporter of Readymade Garments (RMG). Their contribution to the growth of Bangladesh’s textile sector has been pivotal, driving economic development and creating numerous employment opportunities.

As part of the collaboration, Textile Focus Industry Associates will gain access to invaluable knowledge and communication channels, enabling them to promote ethical and sustainable practices within their respective factories. This partnership reflects the growing commitment of the industry to embrace eco-friendly and socially responsible approaches to fashion production.

Mr. Sajid Islam, Director of Ha-Meem Group, expressed his admiration for Textile Focus and Denim Focus, stating, “I truly appreciate the activities of Textile Focus and Denim Focus. Their promotion of positive news and best practices through their magazines and initiatives has significantly contributed to branding Bangladesh worldwide.”

Md. Mostafa Kamal, Senior Manager (Operation) of Textile Focus, emphasized their ongoing efforts to promote the image of Bangladesh through various value-added projects in the pipeline. The collaboration with Ha-Meem Group adds to their collective strength and shared vision for a sustainable future.

Looking ahead, Ha-Meem Group aims to reach new heights as a top textile and garment manufacturer in Bangladesh. With aspirations to export $1 billion worth of apparel items by 2025, they are actively exploring avenues for producing apparel through recycling yarn and fabric. This eco-friendly approach aligns with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ha-Meem Group’s diverse portfolio spans 39 business concerns, encompassing textile, garment, media, and tea sectors. With a strong focus on ethical practices and environmental stewardship, the group’s initiatives have garnered recognition on both national and global levels.

Through this strategic partnership with Textile Focus, Ha-Meem Group reinforces its dedication to sustainable fashion, driving positive change within the industry. As they continue to expand and innovate, their efforts are expected to make a lasting impact, benefiting communities and the environment alike.