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Hera Sweater announces top 20 candidate of sustainable sweater design contest


Hera Sweaters Limited (HSL) is one of the LEED Gold certified sweater factory in Bangladesh, is committed to sustainable production process. As part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability, HSL launched the international Sustainable Sweater Design Contest 2021 (SSDC21). The aim of the contest is to acknowledge the talent of emerging designers and encourage them on their way to higher sustainability and responsibility.

The competition is judged by an international panel of reputed judges comprising Ms. Bibi Russell (Bangladesh), Ms. Emma McClelland (UK), Ms. Aysen Bayram (UK) and Mr. Mohammad Iftekhar Rahman (Bangladesh).

HSL is now happy to announce the results of the 1st round of SSDC21. Out of the contestants from 14 countries around the world, top 20 candidates have been selected to compete in the 2nd round. In the 2nd round, top 3 finalists will be selected.

The top 20 contestants are-

Sadikul Islam Shaon (Bangladesh),Vene Pe (Poland),Nicol O’Reily (Ireland),Erin Fairall (UK), Zayed Taj (Bangladesh) Md. Ahad Al Alam-Sobuz (Bangladesh) Sanusha Nath (India) Katherine Watson (UK) Ivan Svenbarg (Sweden) Sai Deekshitha (India) Aoife Harvey (Ireland) Sophie Alice Small (UK) Kristina Vaizaite (Lithuania) Raisul Islam (Bangladesh) Halla (UK) Hayley Gedny (UK) Samara Potter (UK) Kyla Holden (UK) Joe Cheng (Malaysia) Meerim Mamatova (UK)