Higgs MSI scores validate sustainability performance of Radianza™

Radianza™ – the flagship brand of gel-dyed acrylic fibre from Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd., – has received its Material Sustainability Index (MSI) scores. The results were arrived at after reviewing of the Life Cycle Assessment data of Radianza™ by Higg Co. and Sustainability Apparel Coalition. This makes Radianza™, the first and only acrylic fibre to have MSI scores and Life Cycle Assessments.

rezise_radianzaThe gel-dyeing technology behind Radianza™ is the key driver for its superior sustainability performance. Water pollution and water consumption are two of the biggest environmental problems facing the fashion industry and conventional dyeing processes contribute immensely towards these two problems. In gel-dyeing, the dye is absorbed in the fibre within 4-5 seconds with close to zero discharge of unused dye and minimum requirement of water. The LCA study of Radianza™ done by thinkstep shows that a sweater made with Radianza™ requires 30 litres less water, 25 MJ less energy and 1.45 kg CO2 equivalent lesser Global Warming potential than the one made with conventional acrylic and dyeing process.

The MSI scores of Radianza™ also give a similar indication as follows:

01An analysis of the above chart shows that switching from conventional acrylic and dyeing process to Radianza™:

  • Reduces the water scarcity potential of the fabric by 49%
  • Reduces the chemistry impact of the fabric by 44%
  • Reduces the global warming potential of the fabric by 7%
  • Reduces the Eutrophication potential of the fabric by 19%
  • Reduces the Resource depletion potential of the fabric by 16%

“We are proud to announce the Higgs MSI Scores of Radianza™. This evaluation has reassured our customers that the use of Radianza™ in their products will improve the acceptability among the environment-conscious consumers, brands and retailers”, says Thomas Varghese – Business Head – Textiles business of Aditya Birla Group.

The results are expected to be officially published on Higgs Portal by July 2020.

For more information about the life cycle study of Radianza™, please visit www.radianza.world

* Radianza™ is a trademark of Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd.