On 9 Dec 2022, High Fashion Group’s retail brand Silkism, has unveiled its first-ever generative fashion project named “THEME X Silkism X Rarebbit” to celebrate the upcoming Chinese year of the Rabbit. This project aims to merge physical and digital fashion, leading to enhanced consumer experiences and sustainable development in the fashion industry.

Introducing “Rarebbit”

THEME X Silkism X Rarebbit” is Silkism’s first generative art collection. Each “Rarebbit” is generated by the concept software that produces unique, rare, non-repetitive, and ONE-OF-A-KIND digital fashion art, each of the art can only be printed onto one hoodie. Also, each of them has its own personality, learn the full story of “Rarebbit” and draw your own one by signing up on the website here!

Mystery box: One Token = One Rarebbit

Get your own token by just signing up on our website. You will be able to draw your one-of-a-kind “Rarebbit” digital art and get your customized hoodies ready to celebrate the year of Rabbit. The custom-made hoodies are available in red and black colours, with a mix of 800 random “Rarebbit” generative art prints at the back of the hoodies. Try it now!

Embracing Sustainability

The environment is important to both High Fashion Group and Silkism, and we ensure every step of our operations takes sustainability into account.

We adopt the made-to-order concept to encourage green fashion and avoid mass production to drastically reduce manufacturing waste and levels of the surplus stock ending up in landfills.

Also, different green and biodegradable materials that are derived from renewable resources such as industrial corn or natural fats were used for the custom hoodie, including BCI Cotton and Bio-Nylon Terry Cloth, which does not only protect the environment, but is also breathable and thermal.

We also make use of the 3D digital technology for virtual sampling to not only shorten the processing time, but also reduce waste in design and product development, promoting greener and more sustainable textile processing.

Stay tuned

Interested in something green and innovative in fashion? Let’s start with their first project “THEME X Silkism X Rarebbit”’s generative art hoodie collection by reading the full roadmap here. Stay tuned to their latest newsletter and promotion!

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