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Hike in Raw material prices kept the textile processing shaky in India


india-textileAccording to Local Media, Cotton costs have risen to Rs 88,000 per candy, and dyes and intermediate charges have jumped by 30% in India. From April 1, textile processing units in Ahmedabad raised processing prices by Rs 2 per metre. According to Naresh Sharma, former Vice President of the Ahmedabad Textiles Processors’ Association, this is anticipated to raise garment costs by at least 7%.

Due to rising coal, color, and chemical expenses, a few processing businesses have raised their fees. Due to the closure of 500 textile processing units in Danilimda and Suez, orders are being shifted to Piplai and Narol units, resulting in price increases by these plants. This action has been deemed immoral by many textile dealers and clothing makers. According to Vijay Purohit, President of the Gujarat Garment Manufacturers’ Association, the measure will reduce clothing demand.

The group has issued a circular indicating that textile processing businesses must complete orders in accordance with previous pricing promises, according to Gaurang Bhagat, the organisation’s president. While signing contracts with processing facilities, traders have been requested to fully describe grey amount, processing rates, dyeing, design, and delivery rate.