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H&M has collaborated with Maersk in a new carbon neutral ocean product


hm-has-collaborated-with-danish-transport-leader-maersk-in-a-new-carbon-neutral-ocean-productSwedish fashion brand H&M aims at becoming climate positive by 2040 at enabling innovative solutions such as the carbon neutral ocean product for a greener commercial transport. H&M has collaborated with Danish transport leader Maersk in a new carbon neutral ocean product. H&M, being the first customer of this pilot project, is exploring its transport options to reduce emissions released by the various transport methods it uses. The biofuel blend consists of wasted cooking oil which has been tested and endorsed in a trial driven in collaboration with the Dutch Sustainability Growth Coalition and Shell. It has been certified as a sustainable fuel by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and is showing positive results of reducing emissions caused by ocean shipping.

Luxury fashion brand Ralph Lauren plans to set science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2020 and 100 per cent renewable energy targets by the end of this year. In May, PVH, the parent of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, unveiled Forward Fashion, the evolution of its corporate responsibility strategy that aims at reducing its negative impacts to zero, focusing on eliminating carbon emissions by using more renewable energy sources and cutting waste to zero by avoiding landfill solutions. H&M has been striving to become a sustainable fashion brand since more than a year now.