H&M the first international fashion retailer to join EP100


ep-100-1EP100 is a global, collaborative initiative of influential businesses that pledge to double their energy productivity as part of international efforts to transition to a net-zero economy. H&M has become the first international fashion retailer to join EP100. EP100 was launched in 2016. By doubling the economic output from every unit of energy consumed, companies set a bold target, demonstrating climate leadership while reaping the benefits of lower energy costs. H&M will support reductions of greenhouse gases. Two of its key priorities are leadership in energy productivity and using renewable energy throughout the value chain.

By 2030, H&M plans to build future stores using 40 per cent less energy per square meter, compared to those constructed today. Within its stores, the retailer aims to invest in new technologies for lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to improve its operational energy productivity.

Additionally, H&M aims to have 100 per cent of its supplier partners enrolled in an energy efficiency program by 2025, as well as reduce the energy used in its logistics transport and warehouses. Major businesses such as Woolworths, Land Securities, Dalmia Cement, Swiss Re, and Johnson Controls are already part of EP100. H&M’s initiative is expected to inspire other companies across sectors to embrace energy productivity initiatives, to align economic growth with environmental sustainability.