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H&M plans to open its first Cambodian store next year


hmAccording to a recent article in the Phnom Penh Post, the Swedish multinational clothing retailer  H&M plans to open its first Cambodian store next year.

However, according to the Phnom Penh Post, H&M will open its first store in Cambodia at a time when world economies are beginning to emerge from Covid-19 crisis mode as coronavirus vaccine roll-outs accelerate. Founder and CEO Helena Helmersson said in the first-half report of H&M, “With our much-appreciated collections, our ongoing transformation, and the fact that markets are slowly opening up, our recovery is strong.”

A spokesperson for Helena Helmersson noted that the world is gradually opening up and customers can once again shop at our stores as more people get vaccinated and restrictions are eased. In addition to the much-appreciated collections, our recovery is strong due to a combination of rapid adaptation and further improvements. A significant increase in sales was recorded despite the continued restrictions. In the third quarter, we’ve made good progress toward our pre-pandemic level. There are 11 H&M stores in Vietnam and 43 in Thailand. Its products have been made in Cambodia since the 1990s.