We hope good future of Textile Market in Bangladesh


Textile Focus Editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with some exhibitors of DTG 2018 regarding their latest technologies and response. Some of the key points are mentioned bellow for our readers-

khalid-bhai_cott-texWe hope good future of Textile Market in Bangladesh – Md. Khalid Ibne Ashraf, Director, Cottt-tex associates

What latest technologies presented in DTG? 

We have shown latest technology & Model of Sizing Machine,  model: PROSIZE, Sheet Indigo Dyeing range, Model: PRODYE-S, Rope  Indigo Dye Range, Model: PRODYE-R

Moreover we have shown our world class best modern Direct Warper : WD, Sectional Warper: IOS, Automatic Sectional Warper: NOM, Sample Warper: GOM,  Ball Warper: BW & Long Chain Beamer: LCB

What is the response in this session?

Customer are interested about our latest technology of Sizing & Indigo Dye Range along with existing machinery for different projects.

How do you see Bangladesh textile market in coming days?

We hope good future of Textile Market in Bangladesh.  Because Textile owner are introducing innovative, cost effective, environmental friendly, different product to their buyer which are ultimate choice of them.