I hope next 10 years will be golden age for Bangladesh textile industry – Mr. Charlie Yee, VP of Business Development, Peli Bio-Chem Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

MEGA Brand Enzymes developing next generation enzyme technology to give the Customers the competitive edge. Incorporated in 2004, Peli Bio-Chem Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned company in China and a subsidiary of Mega Pacific Technology USA. Over the years, Peli Bio-Chem Technology has developed into one of the leading global supplier of concentrated industrial enzymes from China supplying under the MEGA brand name. Currently the company has production sites and R&D teams located in Shanghai, Hunan and Guangzhou China. Pelibio’s expertise in industrial enzyme applications and rapid production positions to offer our global partners comprehensive and effective solutions with faster lab to market timelines. Recently Textile Focus team had a conversation with Mr. Charlie Yee, VP of Business Development, Peli Bio-Chem Technology  and Mr. Joy Saha, Managing Director, Sumcon Biotechnology Ltd. (Local agent of Mega Industrial Enzyme ). Key points of the discussion are presenting here our readers.

Photo: (from left Mr. Joy Saha,Managing Director, Sumcon Biotechnology Ltd.; Mr. Charlie Yee, VP of Business Development, Peli Bio-chem Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus.
Photo: (from left) Mr. Joy Saha,Managing Director, Sumcon Biotechnology Ltd.; Mr. Charlie Yee, VP of Business Development, Peli Bio-chem Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus.

Textile Focus: Can you please brief your business in textile?

Charlie Yee: Our group originally started in the United States under Mega Pacific Technology Inc. We are one of the oldest enzymes manufacturing company for textiles. So, we have a very long history to provide enzymes to textile industry. At the moment we are supplying to over 30 countries our enzyme products. For textile industry we mainly supply enzyme raw materials. We have wide varieties of Cellulose, Catalase, Amylase, Laccase, and Pectinase. We serve  customers and partners in almost all of the main markets throughout the world. Our focus on quality, performance and value are our main commitments to ensure our customer success in the competitive market environment. We understand that every market is different and that customer requirements may need to be modified according to local conditions. That is why we offer custom research to modify our product lines to suite individual customer needs. All the range for enzymes we cover and this the strength of our company.

 Textile Focus: How do you see textile industry of Bangladesh?

Charlie Yee: I am very optimistic about Bangladesh Market. We have been doing business in Bangladesh for last 11 years. Over the years we have seen the improvements in Bangladesh market. As textile market is shifting from China due to high wages and environmental issues, there is a chance for Bangladesh to grab the business. From the very beginning of our business in Bangladesh I have been traveling to Bangladesh. I like Bangladesh and I enjoy coming Bangladesh. This is a very beautiful country, the Bangladeshi people are very nice. I see more high quality work and innovation being done than comparing to other countries. At this time Bangladesh has a very good supply chain, technological advancements, I hope next 10 years will be golden age of Bangladesh textile industry.

 Textile Focus:  What are the main strength of Mega Products?

Charlie Yee: The combination of the newest international research in enzyme technology and   our mass production in China allows us to supply very good quality enzymes at competitive prices. . We arealso providing eco sustainable enzymes to lead the industry. We have wide range of quality products. Some of our products are-

Mega D Series: This is a combined denim abrasion and desizing wash process to save time, energy, and water. Compared to traditional amylase for desizing, there is no need for a separate desize wash. The combination wash process saves up to 30 minutes in processing, 50% of water and 50% of electricity.

Mega Express Pod Series: The world’s first highly concentrated ready to use water soluble cellulose enzyme pods.. Advance enzyme technology for textiles in just 50 grams. Eco-Sustainability and Value do not normally mix together but MEGA Express Series delivers. Each 50g pods can replace 1000g of regular ready to use enzymes which means if a factory typically uses 10 tons enzymes per month, they would only need 500kg of our Express Pod.

Mega OX Series: High performing peroxide removal catalase enzyme. The product has been proven to be 100% effective in catalysing the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water without side effects on dyestuffs in subsequent dyeing steps.

Mega Laccase Series: With Mega Laccases customers have the freedom to create and experiment with new denim shades while using biobleaching technology. Using Mega Laccases  will reduce water and energy use compared with traditional hypochlorite treatments.

The New Standard in ABS Technology: Mega ABS Series (Anti Back Staining Agent for denim) sets a new industry standard and is one of the top market leaders in the industry. It can easily replace traditionally used nonyl phenol which is harmful to the environment and is much stronger and more cost effective than traditionally used ethoxylated alcohol.

 Textile Focus:  How do you ensure the sustainability and eco-friendly products for the industry?

Charlie Yee:  Enzymes itself are the most eco-friendly products used in the textile industry and many of our textile enzymes actually share similarities with our food grade enzyme offerings. There is no question regarding the safety and sustainability of the product. The use of enzymes also further helps the industry become more eco friendly by replacing traditionally used harmful chemicals. In this regard we work closely with our customers identifying new trends and requirements and developing environmentally friendly products which meet strict buyer demands. Our laboratory in is fully equipped for developing new products and processes, providing developmental quantities for market exploration. Having these types of resources allow our customers to be one step ahead in the industry. We are in production 7 days a week to meet growing customer demands. We have the certification of ISO 9001:2000 Standard, REACH Registration, SGS NPEO-APEO free, and Organic Textile Standard GOTS 3.0, Greenscreen, and a member of ZDHC Gateway.

Textile Focus:  Specific Plan for Bangladesh Market?

Charlie Yee: We are working very closely with Bangladesh market. We are providing full support to our local Partner “Sumcon Biotechnology”. We are expanding our business in Bangladesh and we are targeting Bangladesh for our new developments. For new developments at first we try in different stages and then we go for quantity production. For this we try to do the trail in Bangladesh market of our latest products so that can get the instant feedback. We want more feedbacks from our Bangladeshi customers. We want to listen the requirement of our customers what they actually need, so that we can develop the products as per the requirements.

 Textile Focus:  How you will define Bangladesh textile industry comparing other countries doing business in textile?

Charlie Yee: Bangladesh market is a innovative market, very centralized. We are happy to do business here. We are looking forward to bringing more innovation to the Bangladesh market. We can see very good quality work in Bangladesh. Personally I see  improvement in my every visit, I think this trend will be up.