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HP’s S1000 offering solutions for interior decoration and soft signage


hpaes-s1000The HP Stitch S1000 delivers sharp prints and vibrant colors even on high density jobs printing direct to fabric using a print zone dryer. The S1000 automatically detects and corrects any nozzle problem with its infrared sensors.HP’s S1000 is a super wide dye sublimation printer, offering solutions for interior decoration and soft signage, including front and backlit applications.

Two other printers, the Stitch S300 and S500, are used for sportswear and fashion. Enabling continuous high-quality printing on paper and fabric, the printers achieve high levels of productivity in an even simpler process, reducing waste in printing. The HP Stitch S Printer Series also offers fast production and high uptime, while working unattended without operator management. In 40 per cent less time, a single operator can easily load and unload both transfer paper and textile rolls. Daily manual intervention is minimized with fully automatic print head maintenance. This allows print manufacturers to deliver print jobs just in time and reduce labor costs.

HP, a brand of graphics and signage printing solutions, has developed thermal inkjet printing technology and inks that can work on polyester substrates for the Stitch S Printer Series machines. The machines have applications from home decoration to sportswear.