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Hult Prize Festival 2021, TECN on Campus successfully organized



Hult Prize on-campus program is no less than a festival. But for the Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, it was much more exciting than a festival as it was held at the campus for the very first time. All the procedures began with the registration process to select the members of the organizing committee. In a completely professional way, 51 eligible members of the Organizing Committee were selected through interviews. And then the sessions began. Our Campus Director Shahriar Karim Sifat, really believes, “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” and that is why he organized one after another important sessions for the OC members.

There were many of us who knew nothing about Hult Prize. Our journey was started literally from zero. Then, from November 2, 2020 the main story started to begin through team registration. It was really surprising that 26 teams registered from a small campus which consists of only 480 students. Although later on due to various reasons 12 teams could not take part.

On the 4th of December semifinal was held, from where the top 10 teams were selected for the final on 14th December and there, we got the winner of TECN Hult Prize on Campus program, “Team Benalac ” with their amazing mission “Innovation takes control.


The 1st runner up was “Team Texoodic” with a different idea of turning wastage into affordable baby food. 2nd runner up was both “Team Borno” and “Concept Squad“. Both of their ideas were mind blowing. When ” Team Borno” goes with motto “Let the nature color your Life” to colorimagines a future where natural food colour will be used widely. Another enthusiastic team “Concept Squad” is working on microgreen, a new form of superfood which is trending globally.

Last but not the least, we have another amazing team in our top five. “Team Olifera” is also there with their interesting idea of providing “Moringa -a healthy drink” for those mothers who are suffering from malnutrition in their maternal period.

Also, all of the ideas of other teams are quite interesting. Throughout the whole journey, our teachers and principal sir were with us. All the OC members and our Campus Director, Head of operations did an excellent and successful job.

Now the story of on-campus journey has ended. But the journey of these five teams haven’t. Our winner team “Banalac”-is all set to participate in the regional event. But another four teams have to go through some more process. So now we are looking forward to see, whether the other four teams can make their place in regional, or not! Let’s pray for them, be with them and hope for the best.