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“HULT PRIZE at TECN 2021: Team Registration Completed”


Hult Prize on-campus program 2021, at Textile Engineering College Noakhali, Team registration, has been completed. 26 teams submitted their unique idea on the Hult prize TECN  on-campus challenge 2021.

This year’s challenge from the Hult Prize is “Food For Good”. It is expected that this 2021 challenge will create job opportunities, stimulate economics, reimagine supply chains, and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030. So the best business ideas are ready to be welcomed by the Hult Prize that is actually going to change the world.

Hult Prize, one of the most prestigious campus events performed by MBA and college students which has also eventually become the world’s largest student competition in recent years is going to take place for the very first time at “Textile Engineering College Noakhali” (TECN). Students are really excited to have a great on-campus event of the Hult Prize for the very first time at our beloved institution.

For the on-campus event of the Hult Prize, “TEXTILE ENGINEERING COLLEGE NOAKHALI” (TECN) has already got excellent sponsorship from brands such as E-Learning Partner: Bohubrihi, Education Partner: Tech Karigor, Youth Engagement Partner: Casper Foundation, Radio Partner: TECN Radio, News Partner: Shukhobor Patrika, T-shirt Partner: Cave & Crimson. And most prestigious partner for this event from the Textile industry is Textile Focus as our Textile Media and Magazine Partner.

The Hult Prize is an annual, year-long competition. The motto of this competition is to seek better business ideas that are going to change the world. Every year a pressing social issue is given as a challenge to the students and then the students come up with their ideas through this competition. The team that wins the competition is rewarded with 1 million USD to burnish their idea. It helps them to execute their ideas into reality.

Hult Prize helps the students in developing their skills such as debating, establishing different business ideas, presentation skills and the list goes on. Students become tough competitors to make their business ideas successful. More importantly, students get the chance to improve their marketing skills.

As an international event the certificate of “Hult Prize” carries a huge value all over the world. Each certificate will carry the signature of “Bill Clinton”. International job institutions also consider this certificate very much as an incredible activist of society. So students are going to be benefitted very much in job fields. Hult Prize develops students’ inner qualities which eventually make them a better human being.

“Everything has a first time. It’s up to TECN students, to grab the opportunities and use it perfectly to build up a start-up.”

– Shahriar Karim Sifat,

Campus Director,
Hult Prize on Campus 2021

Textile Engineering College Noakhali – TECN

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