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A Humane Project initiative by Southeast Sweaters for disabled People


Southeast Sweaters  hiring people with disabilities: 

A Human Project initiatives by “Southeast Sweaters Ltd sister concern of  Deshbondhu Group  for the physically handicapped people, A Great Initiative to be followed by other Industries:

It’s a matter of great Joy that the Garment Manufacturing Industries in Bangladesh are growing with Humanity. In the prevailing Pandemic situation throughout the whole world, we are taking care of physically handicapped people by appointing them and adding them into our Work Force where they were supposed to be out of the Work-force and kept aside usually.

sweater-factory-566Southeast Sweaters Ltd. is a glaring example of doing this huge humanitarian job. They have appointed such physically unsound people who are earning their livings by working in Southeast Sweaters Ltd. with their physical limitations.

It’s a great opportunity for them that is created by Southeast Sweaters Ltd. where the Occupation world is only designed for the able-bodied persons usually. Therefore, it’s a major area of concern that needs immediate actions in order to open a new Horizon for the physically handicapped people by making them trained and appointing them to the Work force as per their abilities and obviously they can prove themselves.

Southeast Sweaters Ltd. has taken great initiatives by empowering those physically troubled people. For example, Mr.Emdad Mia, working in Linking Section successfully having Hearing problem. He has proved himself as a strong team-mate here. Ms.Happy who has lost her walking ability in an accident but working here in Southeast Sweaters Ltd. as a Trimming Operator and earned her livelihood.

Southeast Sweaters Ltd.” to uphold the necessity to give scope to this special type of physically handicapped people who are also the part of the Society, who has also Rights to live. So, please be with us and extend your (All of the industrialists) hand to these people to serve the Humankind in one sense.

Author: Mahbubur Rahman Lucky, Managing Director,GM Apparels & Southeast Sweaters Ltd