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Huntsman released it’s corporate sustainability report 2015


huntsmanHuntsman Corporation published its latest corporate sustainability report titled, The Power of Less: Energy Conservation & Efficiency in the Value Chain,

The Power of Less” explores the many ways the company actively works to conserve and become more efficient in its own use of energy while creating products and technologies that help consumers do the same – from light-weighting cars and airplanes for greater fuel efficiency to developing construction materials that make buildings and homes more energy efficient.

Population growth and urbanization, and the strain on natural resources that results, are megatrends that make energy use central to Huntsman’s sustainability efforts.  The company is committed to finding solutions to help balance society’s need for energy with the need to minimize consumption and its effect on the planet.

“The impact energy production has on our world’s climate poses significant challenges,” said Ron Gerrard, Corporate Sustainability Officer.  “As a chemical manufacturer, Huntsman plays a role in supporting the development of al tentative sources of energy – like wind and solar – and in the construction and transportation industries, where our innovative products are helping customers conserve and use energy more efficiently.  Further, we are constantly looking at ways to make our manufacturing processes more efficient to reduce our total energy consumption.”

The Power of Less discusses how Huntsman works to conserve the world’s energy resources across the value chain: incoming supply, process management, product innovation, and distribution.  The report covers the corporation’s sustainability initiatives from calendar year 2015 and includes Huntsman’s annual Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact.

This is Huntsman’s sixth sustainability report since launching its corporate sustainability initiative in 2010.