I think the people in Bangladesh have achieved so much during the past years and decades and do have a real opportunity to shape their future positively

Since 1854, AMANN has been one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads, and Smart Yarns. From universal sewing threads to highly technical special yarn, AMANN offers a wide range of various applications. More than 2,600 AMANN employees in over 100 countries worldwide work to deliver success. AMANN sewing and embroidery threads are manufactured exclusively in its own production facilities in Europe and Asia. This ensures the basis for maximum flexibility and customer proximity. Florian Seiberlich, Director Global Marketing, AMANN Group, recently visited Bangladesh. He has international business experience since 1995; working for the globally operating textile automotive supplier industry since 1999; has strong skills in acquisition and business development; extensive experience in leading internationally performing teams in the process- and organizational development. Team Textile Focus had a conversation with Florian Seiberlich. Key discussion points are mentioned below for our readers-

Photo:  Florian Seiberlich, Director Global Marketing, AMANN Group

Business scenario in the last fiscal year:

We achieved a new sales record in the last fiscal year, 2021. So, we crossed the 200-million-euro turnover level, and this positive development will continue in 2022. Business in 2022 was developing positively despite significant challenges on global scale. Of course, due to the Ukraine war, we have been facing substantial impacts on energy and raw material costs. However, we managed to handle this and have stabilized the business development. I think it’s an ambitious but reasonable and achievable goal because Bangladesh’s industry is robust, offers lots of experience, and has a strong will to support the sector’s growth. But at the same time, I think the question I am having is doing this goal consider also this massive transformation of the industry, which is currently accelerating. In Europe, we have the green deal, which will provide clear directions for the business in the future.

How do you feel about Bangladesh’s industry comparing other countries?

Bangladesh has been a powerful partner to the industry for many years and has been showing a powerful dynamic in development, and there are many skills in the country. There is everything available to maintain this course. Also, the industry has seen challenges and issues in the past following the Rana Plaza incident, but I think that the measures which have been taken afterward have been very important. And so overall, Bangladesh definitely will be a strong partner for the global textile industry in the future. Target is high for the upcoming days, so there is more scope for business opportunities here in Bangladesh to cope with the business in the local market.

Sustainability concept in AMANN Group

The AMANN Group, I mean, we are now 168 years old, and during our whole history, we have always been putting a strong focus on sustainable production conditions in our factories. Sustainability has always been an essential part of how we do business. So, we have, in the past, already undertaken many efforts to optimize our processes with regard to energy consumption, water consumption, and wastewater treatment. We have our recycled product range, which can only be one step towards a circular business, but the lifecycle product lines we have in place already support full circularity. Those articles are cradle-to-cradle certified. An important step to gain visibility was our participation in the UN Global Compact campaign in 2019. Following that, we became part of the UN 50 Global Climate Leaders campaign, where we strongly expressed our efforts in this area. In 2022 we participated in the media campaign of 50 German leaders, where we represented the textile industry in Germany and could give an outlook regarding our activities and  future targets. We are following up about transforming our business to an accurate circular business model, which is a very ambitious goal, but this is our vital aim to do so. And to emphasize this, the advisory board has added one more member to the existing ones. We now also do have a Chief Sustainability and Innovation officer who strongly emphasizes the group’s total commitment to moving in this direction. AMANN wants to be not only around for the next couple of years, but we want to be an inspiration for a future proof textile industry globally.

Photo (from left): Md. Rakibul Islam, Asst. Manager, Textile Focus; Florian Seiberlich, Director Global Marketing, AMANN Group; Arshad Hasan, Business Development Director, AMANN Bangladesh Ltd.; Mohammad Ashraful Islam, Editor, Textile Focus

Any specific plan for the next coming days for Bangladesh industry:

We always have plans at the AMANN Group, especially for Bangladesh, since this is one of the strongest growing markets. We plan to invest in a second factory in Chittagong, but we have yet to decide about the implementation timeline which also depends on the overall economic development on a global scale.
Apart from the discussions with my colleagues, it is very inspiring to be here. The industry’s strong will in Bangladesh is to move forward and do things right, focusing on business growth. It was inspiring to see the discussions in the panels at the convention “Made in Bangladesh Week.”

I think the people in Bangladesh have achieved so much during the past years and decades and do have a real opportunity to shape their future positively while the whole industry is transforming into a more sustainable and future-proof economy.