If everything is fine in terms of global economy, we can go more by keeping an upward trend in our garments export

The whole world has been suffering a lot from the Russia-Ukraine war. Every sector of the industry has been affected. The textile industry is the leading remittance-earning source for Bangladesh. This industry has been affected greatly due to the Russia-Ukraine war and a shortage of orders. Fortunately, Bangladesh is receiving good orders now, But the challenging is energy crisis. Team Textile Focus talked with Akib Rahman, Director, HAMS Group to know about their business in 2022 and furcating for 2023.

Textile Focus: How are you observing 2022 for your business?

Akib Rahman: The year 2022 has been a mixed year of both good and bad for us. We had decent business in first two quarters. But the Russia-Ukraine war contributed adversely to our business. As the global inflation rate rises the demand of apparel is decreasing.

Our orders also reduced from the third quarter of the year. Our woven segment is doing good but business in our knit segment declined. The overall situation worsened by power crisis. Power cuts flared up and production was badly hampered. Yet, we tried to keep our business running properly and in a sustainable way by using diesel and solar energy.

Textile Focus: What is your expectation and planning for 2023?

Akib Rahman: We hope that Russia-Ukraine war crises will be gone in the new year and the world will come into a good shape to restore from economic catastrophes that we all endured from COVID-19. We know that we are just next to China in the global market for exporting garments. If everything is fine in terms of global economy, we can go more by keeping an upward trend in our garments export volume in the coming days.

To fulfill the company expectations, here are several plans that we are focusing on right now to kick in the new year. We plan to improve our employee’s well-being & the work place culture as they are our asset. Their satisfaction will help the business boom. We will focus on newer markets like Australia, Japan, India, S. Korea, etc. This year we are giving emphasis in production and waste management by using latest technologies in the market. We will embark on having a joint collaboration among industry people, buyers, different relevant government agencies to explore newer opportunities as well.I am optimistic that if we all standby one another and in proper harmony we can fight back against all odds that come along in our business.