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If we are giving a good product, We should get the right price for it- Azizur Rahim Chowdhury, Director, New Asia Group and BTMA


The whole world has been suffering a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic. Every sector of the industry has been affected. The textile industry is the main remittance earning source for Bangladesh. This industry has been affected a lot due to lockdown everywhere and a shortage of orders. As everywhere vaccination has been started and the COVID-19 infection situation is better now. Fortunately, Bangladesh is receiving plenty of orders now. Team Textile Focus talked with industry stakeholders to know about their business in 2021 and furcating for 2022.  Azizur Rahim Chowdhury, Director, New Asia Group and BTMA shared his views-


As we are talking about the future of garments in Bangladesh, we see that we are heading in the right direction. As I said earlier also that we are no longer basic T shirt Manufacturers. Bangladesh now force to reckon with, we can make underwear, sportswear, where we can make all sorts of new garments. We can make cotton ,Non Cotton, and one of the strength that we have as a Bangladesh industry in garments is we were able to use both local fabrics as well as imported fabrics. So this gives us a huge flexibility compared to other nations, Where one nation might be solely dependent on their own supply chain or they might be dependent solely on imported fabrics or supply chain. Where we   really need to add value is accessories. Where we need to value is value added finishing techniques. Our textile machinery is the best but our technicians are limited in their view in some ways.

So we really need to learn thus technologies and how to get most out of the machinery invest and investment that we already have in the nation and also look for new avenues where there is a gap where there is an opening in the industry. So as entrepreneurs I would recommend all of my fellow entrepreneurs to look into what other avenues there are for expanding and for going into a new era where we can diversify from being a basic producer into a value-added producer as Bangladesh. So once we do that automatically when the good value added products come those brands will have some basic products along with them.

But the pricing for the basic products wouldn.t be so low as its now. So now its is the time for us to graduate to the next level and it’s no longer a buyers’ market, it’s now sellers’ market. Bangladesh has proven that through Covid we have been supplying even with all these logistical crises. We are still delivering our goods on time. Lot of us are talking the air fright burden on our own shoulder just to service our customers. So, it is the time that the world recognizes Bangladesh as a force to reckon within as a reliable supplier as a very sustainable and green focus supplier and it is the time that we also understand the value that we are providing to our customers and we stand firm with our commitments as we as our prices. We should not go down regarding prices, we should not be force into discount and cheaper prices. If it’s our fault of course we will take the burden and the penalty for it. But if we are giving a good product, we should get the right price for it.