IICCI is working to connect Bangladeshi RMG exporters and Indian textile suppliers to boost trade

Photo: Textile Sourcing Meet22 were held in Dhaka

Jannatul Ferdous Nipa ,Vice President (RMG) of Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce and Industries. She has been working for more than 17 year in the RMG sector. She worked  sourcing houses, factories etc. Now she is the managing director of Studio Sunna a Bangladesh based sourcing office.She is working with BGMEA,BGBA,BGEA for industry development like seminars ,events and exhibitions . She is the partner of Sowtex. Under her  leadership and with the support of BGMEA,BGBA,BGEA and IICCI Textile Sourcing Meet’ 22 is a grand curated Networking cum Sourcing Show co-hosted by SOWTEX (B2B marketplace for fashion & textile, digitizing Sourcing of Materials were held . Recently he shared his vision and mission on how to connect the Bangladeshi RMG exporters and Indian Textile suppliers to boost trade.

Recent scenario of RMG sector: Recently BD had a better season last and made a huge export. At the moment the orders going slower as brands abroad are in dilemma about a possible recission in the west. Still BD being the biggest supplier of general casual wear is hopeful to get adequate orders .Many Chinese businessman and groups trying their buyers orders to be done from bd. The price is though comfortable now but still is not enough to take factories up at per .

key activists of ICCII: India as a major sourcing country for raw materials of the apparel industry including yarn, fabric, dying items and machineries. “We also export readymade garments to India. There is a win-win situation for both countries. We have land ports, rail and riverine communications with India. There are huge opportunities to boost bilateral trade through using connectivity. This is the time for virtual market place to strengthen the export destination with diversified garment products.

[IICCI offers a venue where members can network with top bureaucrats and foreign embassies, among other contacts. Widen your network domestically and abroad to look for business prospects. Members of this organization come from a variety of corporate sectors, including service providers, IT firms, manufacturers, importers, and exporters as well as retired senior diplomats and retired bureaucrats.

We thrive on the best selection of networks, enterprises, transparency and integrity. Our key missions are to: To communicate with Chambers of Commerce all across the world while collaborating with foreign embassies. Import high-tech equipment to support joint ventures and the transfer of technologies. The three Is—Import, Investment, Industry—lead to employment. The generation employed by industrialization is the main concern. We have planning to more textile show in reginal market to promote Bangladesh RMG sector. 

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