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Impact of COVID-19 on Textile Chemical business (Part-1)


Staff Correspondent

Due to the pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort into textiles, clothes, footwear, and accessories supply chains, in the midst of an ongoing social and climate crisis. On another hand, the COVID has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, India, and Italy), leading to major supply disorders. The textile and apparel industry uses about 8000 types of chemicals in various forms.

On the other hand, the supply crash caused brands and retailers to break agreements, cancel orders, delay delivery, and request supplier discounts. In this regard, Bangladeshi chemical manufacturers & agents are facing some challenges due to strict lockdown. Team Textile Focus has recently talked with some textile chemical provider professionals and took their feedback. We will cover the feedback phase by phase. Here we are mentioning feedback from Md. Ruhul Amin, Country Manager, Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co. Ltd; Shahabuddin Shihab, General Manager, Chromatech BD Pvt. Limited; Niloy Kumer Ghosh, General Manager, Multichemi Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

Textile Focus: Due to pandemic, what is the impact of Chemical business & how will it overcome?


Md. Ruhul Amin, Country Manager, Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co. Ltd

In the pandemic situation, definitely we are impacted in the chemical supply chain. We need movement pass like garment manufacturers. Customers need a positive approach for the chemical price increase in the international market.

shihab-chromatecShahabuddin Shihab, General Manager, Chromatech BD Pvt. Limited

My perspective- Chemical is a part & parcel of Textiles & garments dyeing section. Without Chemicals, properly dyeing of textiles & Garments is impossible. Chemical plays the biggest role in textiles & Garments industry. Now pandemic situations are going around the whole world & people from every sector has been suffering a lot, especially the Textiles & Garments manufacturing companies. Now Textiles & garments business is not up to the mark/ well of due to the pandemic situation.

Those are involved with the chemical business; they also are suffering the same situation as like as textiles & garments sector. On the other hand, Chemical business organizations are fully dependent on textiles & garments sector, if the Garments sectors get low order & low prices of the garments from the buyers, then its impact coming from the chemicals business as well. It’s a vice versa & due to the pandemic situation, chemical businesses are badly impacting their business. Now question is that how can we overcome this situation,

I think, there remain some great scopes & they can play a great role to recover the pandemic situation; Some ideas are given below which is as follows: Firstly, Chemical manufacturing companies can produce very good qualities Antimicrobial / Antibacterial/ anti germs like as products which can be applied to garments during Dyeing, hence, those clothes would be viruses’/ bacteria protective. Secondly, Chemical companies can give more priorities to making/ producing sustainable and environmentally friendly products which also will be more protective from this kind of pandemic situation as well as the growth of our next generation. Thirdly, Chemical manufacturers can produce the high value of Products & can give more importance to future protection from these of kind of viruses & bacterial infection which will assist for growing up our next generations as well as good environments.


Niloy Kumer Ghosh, General Manager , Multichemi Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

There’s no impact in the short term as I observe here. There will be a long-term loss for the manufacturer as well as retailers. Subject to the price hike of raw material and shipping schedule mismatch/vessel unavailability, each and every company has been suffering last three months. Don’t know where will be the end.