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Impact of COVID-19 on Textile in the machinery business – Engr. B. Ahmed Rahi


Engr. B. Ahmed Rahi

CEO/Co-founder of Trade Ray Ltd; CMO/Co-founder of SM Sourcing &  Manager of Textile Tech, Erbatec GMBH ( Germany ), Erbatec India Pvt Ltd

badruddin-ahmed-sm-sourcingDue to the pandemic situation supply chain disruptions have made machine tool manufacturers, and other end-use industries realize the over-reliance on China could be destructive.

Due to the lockdown or limited production, Bangladesh and other countries were looking for supply. Due to the demand, large suppliers of components that dominate the market prioritized big companies to SMEs at the time of recovery. Also, the recent disruptions in the supply chain have revealed that machine tool manufacturers.

Besides crisis moments creates many new opportunities especially many factories going expansion & new vertical set up factory establishing in Bangladesh. But the problem is when starting the 2nd wave of pandemic govt announced lockdown so that all the expansions & machinery orders cancel or hold. On the other hand, banks are not allocating loans who are plan new project or expansions.

Badruddin Ahmed, CEO/Co-founder Trade Ray Ltd, one of the textile machinery providers is facing challenges in business due to covid. Recently he shared some key points on challenges & how to overcome them with the Textile Focus team.

Impact of COVID-19 (Machinery Business) How to Overcome
1.     All machinery Exhibition is postponed

2.     Sales meeting is canceled 

3.     Machinery buyers had to hold the opening of LC.

4.     Factory expansion is stopped

5.     Lots of Bangladeshi banks stopped allocating loan for company expansion due to uncertainty

6.     Free movement problem due to strict lockdown

1.     Need Online Trade Fair

2.     Need to practice online meeting.

3.     Ensuring Proper support from Bank

4.     Factory should allow a physical meeting with proper safety and security.

5.     Need movement pass to visit the buyer