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Important Digital Marketing Trends in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is by far the most-purchased online retail category – and is expected to continue to be well into the next few years. It is highly competitive, which is why fashion brands are constantly looking for ways to engage their target market and influence their purchasing decisions.

As thing stand there are several digital marketing trends that are starting to play an increasingly important role in the fashion industry. Many are likely to grow even further, and some may dominate the industry in time:

Shoppable online content

Shoppable content aims to integrate both content and shopping and close the gap that exists between them. Essentially it will allow users to see a fashion item they like, click on it, and immediately be able to buy it.

In the last few years shoppable content has started to grow and evolve. Originally it was limited to solely images, but now includes videos, livestreams, ads, and even some experimental shoppable TV shows.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots

Chatbots are being employed by more and more fashion brands in order to improve and enhance their customer service. Currently chatbots are already taking on various roles to provide support, offer recommendations, assist in purchasing, or even give customers offers and deals.

Not only can chatbots provide a more personalized and guided shopping experience, but they can help fashion brands respond to customer service requests more quickly. In that way they can help improve customer satisfaction levels and brand loyalty.

Influencer marketing

In the last few years influencer marketing has shifted in shape and form. Recently trust in popular influencers has taken a hit, and fake followers have emerged as a growing concern.

However influencer marketing itself continues to grow, albeit with a more strategic view. An increasing number of brands are shifting to micro and nano-influencers with smaller followings but higher trust ratings, and using them to expand their reach to a more diverse audience.

Voice-enabled content

One trend that hasn’t quite broken out of its shell just yet but is predicted to do so is voice-enabled content. The current popularity of voice-enabled digital assistants makes it an interesting new area for fashion brands to expand into.

Already some fashion brands have started to venture into voice-enabled content. The most notable example being Ask Perry Ellis that launched a voice-activated personal stylist for men on Alexa.

Augmented reality (AR)

Many fashion brands are looking to leverage AR as a means to provide the perfect ‘try before you buy’ experience for online shoppers. Newer mobile devices and other AR technology that is in the pipeline could help to define the shape that this digital marketing trend takes in years to come.

It should be noted that while these digital marketing trends are important, the core content strategies that are tried and tested still play an important role as well. For example even a simple slideshow can have a significant impact on customer purchasing decisions, and creating one is as easy as following the steps at

All in all the competitive nature of the fashion industry fuels its innovation, and all but guarantees that more trends will emerge by the time the year is done. The trends listed above stand the best chance of shaping its landscape throughout the year however – and possibly beyond that.

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