Israfil Alam Rana, Deputy Manager (R&D)

Sister Denim Composite Limited – Thermax Group

After the invention of re-coning dyed indigo yarn fashion designers already did their main job to change the existing traditional woven check fabrics move to indigo check fabrics.Both in design and color indigo flavor giving much look and fashion to their lovers. Thanks indigo for such characteristics.



Traditional check fabrics:

Check fabrics generally consist of two or more alternating colors. Checkered patterns are symmetrical, consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form equal sized squares. Each line is intersected by the same kind of line in equal intervals and widths. Yarn count may differ but color repeat and design are same. Reactive dyed color yarns forms a unique repeat both in horizontal and vertical way. This is the main attraction of this fabrics.


Denim check fabrics:

On the other hand denim check fabrics consisting of indigo and reactive color mixing in both horizontal and vertical way. To beautify denim trends indigo color mixing must more than reactive color. Weave plan may differ either plain weave, twill or dobby. After wash appearance is most important in this regard. To achieve after wash fade effects like jeans is the main theme for this mixing.


Business with indigo dyed yarns:

Today’s fashion demands rapid changes to wear and diversified as much possible with weather. Traditional check fabrics now converting to denim looks as its giving you more classic look even in casual or formal. There is no age restriction for this uses. You can easily convert indigo shades to conventional check. No specialized weaving machine required for this change. Buying indigo yarns is most important to maintain consistent color. Presently lot of factories doing indigo-check with their traditional check fabrics.