India is developing standards for the technical textile sector

technical-textileThe market for technical textiles is expanding rapidly with new products being added in various industries. Thus it is imperative to formulate standards to accelerate the growth of the sector.

India has the capability, resource and market in the area of technical textiles and the need is to capitalise on these strengths. The market is expanding rapidly with new products being added by users in various industries. However the share of technical textiles in the domestic textile sector is very low.

Despite achieving a high growth rate, the per capita consumption of technical textiles in India is 1.7 per kg vis-a-vis 10 to 12 kg in developed countries. Technical textiles have immense potential and are considered to be the sunrise industry in India. The industry could grow with sufficient investments in technology. Development and industrialisation are the main drivers for the demand for technical textile products in a country.

Technical textiles provide new opportunities to the Indian textile industry to have a long term sustainable future. India can be positioned as a manufacturing hub for technical textiles. Demand for technical textiles is expected to stay steady during the period 2015 to 2020.