Nonwoven Association President to Keynote at a Major Congress

Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University, USA

daved-rosueNonwoven sector is poised to have good growth and there is growing optimism in the sector as it metamorphoses into high performance engineered fabrics industry. Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry popularly known as TAPPI is organizing an international nonwovens conference developed by its Nonwovens Division, NET, from April 16-18, 2018 in Charlotte, NC, USA.

Dave Rousse, President of Cary, NC-based Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, INDA, which has about 365 companies as its members, will keynote about the state of the nonwoven industry in the Nonwovens Conference of TAPPI in April 2018.

The event offers several added advantages to professionals in the nonwovens, textiles and technical textiles sector as it is co-located with TAPPI’s leading technical conference, PaperCon. The attendees will benefit from listening to sessions in allied disciplines such as paper making, pulp, etc. PaperCon is the “go to” place for people in wet laid and pulp sectors. Nonwoven and paper technologies are closely related and this conference will enable crossbreeding of ideas, which can take the nonwoven sector to the next phase, i.e., engineered performance fabrics.

“The synergies of TAPPI’s nonwoven conference with the larger TAPPI PaperCon brings out the natural history of all nonwoven processes to the first real nonwoven–paper. Today the two industries still share common technologies, equipment and supplier base that gives this conference a very strong base,” stated, Pete Wallace, TAPPI Fellow and nonwoven industry veteran based in Morganton, NC, USA.

The nonwoven conference will begin on the afternoon of April 16th with the much awaited kick-off lecture from Dave Rousse, president of the leading nonwoven association in the world. According to a latest report from INDA, durable nonwoven sector is expected to have faster growth than disposables, showcasing that there are a lot of opportunities for nonwovens as engineered fabrics.


“I am delighted to address the TAPPI nonwovens conference and look forward to meeting the many members of the paper industry who also produce nonwovens, either as a wet laid material or as a composite with paper,” stated Dave Rousse.

The participation of INDA in the nonwoven conference organized by the leading paper and pulp association has brought cheers in the community. In speaking about the nonwoven event, Larry Montague, President and CEO of TAPPI, which has about 8477 members aptly stated, “You never know where the next great idea will come from, but I assure you that conferences with combined settings is very likely to be one of those places.”

The organizers are accepting abstracts for presentations and more information about the event is available at: