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“India will contribute up to 40% of global cotton production” OECD-FAQ report


cottonIndia’s cotton production is expected to increase to 7.2 million tonnes (about 43 million 170  kilogram bales) by 2030, up from the present output of 6 million tonnes (around 36 million bales). According to the newest OECD-FAQ research on Agriculture Outlook 2021-2030, India will contribute up to 40% of global cotton production growth during the forecast period. According to the analysis, India, China, the United States, and Brazil will dominate global cotton output during the next ten years. China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam will account for 75 percent of total mill demand (28.3 mt) throughout the timeframe, with global cotton production reaching 28.4 million tonne (mt).

By the end of this decade, global cotton exports are predicted to increase by 25%, surpassing 11 million tons, putting Sub-Saharan Africa in third place after the United States and Brazil, and pushing India to fourth place. Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Turkey, and Indonesia will continue to be important fiber importers. India will remain the world’s greatest cotton producer, with production rising mostly due to greater yields, while area expansion is projected to be limited, as has been the case in recent years.