Indian apparel export is exploring to Japan

TF International Desk

indian-apparelJapan is becoming a good market for Indian apparel industry. Textile exporters in India are exploring to Japan. So far they have been focusing on the Western market. Of the total textile and clothing exports from India, just about two per cent goes to Japan. Of the total textile and clothing imports by Japan, only one per cent is from India.

The major supplier to Japan is China but Japan is now looking at suppliers from other countries too. Japan is a sophisticated market, leaning towards small-lot and short cycle delivery of supply. Consumption is diversified and quality expectations are very high. Specialty retailers and private labels are the in-thing and the market is open, transparent and competitive.

High quality and expensive Indian garments are gaining popularity in Japan. Customers like selecting garments that have a different character when compared with dresses and kimono worn at such occasions as weddings and parties. Many Japanese perceive Indian garments as ethnic, and since garments made from such materials are selling well in Europe, they are likely to gain popularity in Japan as well.