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Indian government sought quick access to Bangladesh for its ethnic wear goods


bd-indiaThe Indian government sought quick access to Bangladesh for its ethnic wear goods, claiming that commercial prospects in the industry between the two countries had remained untapped.

The Indian Textile Ministry recently offered Bangladesh the development of a special provision for the export from Bangladesh of its ethnic goods such as kurtas and turtles, salwar suits, bases such as churidaars, palazzos and leggings, sarees and clothing collections, skirts and jacks to Bangladesh.Access to Indian ethnic wear exports has been refused by BKMEA as many local suppliers also produce such goods in the region.

By extending market and cooperation in the field of textiles, including cotton , jute, silk, handlooms, garment and apparel industries and skills training institutions, Bangladesh and India have taken a step to sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen trade and economic links in a peaceful manner.

In the draft memorandum, India suggested partnering for mutual gains in the ethnic wear industry and investigating the global prospects in this untapped market. It also sought the support of Bangladesh to open retail stores to encourage ethnic wear sales.India suggested at a meeting held at the Textiles Ministry in Bangladesh on September 23 to discuss the draft memorandum. In a letter earlier, Chief Tutor Rahul Mehta of the Garment Manufacturers Association of India urged the Indian Textiles Ministry to take an initiative so that their ethnic wear items could be conveniently accessible with a special tariff to Bangladesh. Indeed, he said in his message, the signing of the MoU with Bangladesh for the garment industry will be an extremely significant step in supporting India’s domestic clothing industry.

First Vice President Mohammad Hatem of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association said they were evaluating the draft memorandum to recognize the reciprocal benefits for both countries. If we get technical support from India, Bangladesh’s textile sector will benefit. But we do not comply with India’s suggestion for quick access to Bangladesh for its ethnic wear goods as a large number of local suppliers manufacture the products,’ he added.