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Indian mask manufacturer gets green signal from govt for export support


imagesMasks and coverall manufacturers from Coimbatore, India hope to tap export orders as the government approved the export of surgical masks. The government’s decision to allow for exports of masks is to support manufacturers who have invested in machinery for covers and masks, said Raja Shanmugham, President, Tiruppur Exporters Association. Although the administration allowed non-operative masks and covers to be exported previously, producers could not do so because no clarification existed and exporters couldn’t get quotas.

A Sakthivel, Chairman of AEPC, says that the government has agreed to allow exports of surgical masks for manufacturers who have produced masks. The government’s decision to allow two-ply and three-ply exports with quota restrictions, says KS Sundararaman, Chairperson, Indian Technical Textile Association. However, the government should allow the export of N 95 masks too gradually. Export restrictions of quota restrictions. International requirements for the export of surgical masks need to be met, but the manufacturers may comply.