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Indian new government has proposed 40% increase in wages


Happy salary raiseThe new government is studying to raise the country’s minimum wage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has proposed a 40 per cent increase in wages of textile workers in some of the most remote areas of the country. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, re-elected in the last elections, is planning to raise it up to 30 or 40 per cent in some states of India. The minimum wage of the country is granted by each state, although it must always be above the quota set by the central government.The measure will be included in a new labor law proposed by the government after the previous bill in this regard had to be paralyzed due to the proximity of elections. Labor Minister, Santosh Gangawar, has confirmed that the new law will also have an article referring to the minimum monthly payment, according to Just-style.

Currently, the minimum wage established for the whole country is $4.90 per day, with a variable plus based on inflation. However, as it is a decentralized regulation, Delhi, for example, has a minimum wage of $7.90 a day, while other states, such as Chhattisgarh, maintain the same criteria as the one set by the central government.