Indians think sustainable manufacturing processes

sustainable-manufacturing-processesAccording to research firm YouGov, a vast majority of Indians think sustainable manufacturing processes are important when buying fashion products. Seven in 10 people in India have heard about sustainable fashion. From these, two in five don’t know much about it, around a fifth know but have never tried buying it and only one in eight have bought it in the past.
Many people are likely to purchase more sustainable products if brands highlight the benefits and impact of buying sustainable fashion products in their communication and if they give reward points for buying sustainable fashion products. More than a fifth would do so if sustainable fashion becomes a new trend after being endorsed by celebrities or influencers.

More than four in five people consider sustainability when buying fashion items but it is far behind other factors. Material quality, fitting, design and price are all notably more important when deciding what to buy. A better design range of sustainable fashion products is the key driver in what would motivate someone to buy sustainable items, followed by competitive prices and sustainability certification on labels. While the top motivators for men are competitive prices and better designs, in both cases women are more likely than men to be encouraged by these factors to make a purchase.