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India’s major export clothing markets has decreased since June in America and Europe


exportRetail demand has decreased since June in America and Europe, India’s major export clothing markets. The demand projections for buyers have been revised by 30 to 40%. You also delayed 15-20 days for the next spring order for ready-made Indian clothing. From the north to January, Spring collections start to arrive at retail stores. Orders are normally placed by the middle of August or the beginning of September and goods are delivered by November.

However, Gautam Nair, Managing Director of Matrix Clothing, says that the downward revision of the orders was specific to a few purchasers. Another fabricator indicates that retailers can carry remaining stock last spring because the pandemic has hindered sales.

India is exporting ready-made clothing to leading high-street labels, department stores and grocery chains abroad. H&M, Banana Republic, Penney J, J Crew, Marcus Neiman and Target are among these. According to the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) data, exports declined by over 50 percent in April and July this fiscal year to 2.5 billion dollars.