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Inditex, H&M and Primark lead Spanish textile commerce


spanish-textile-commerceIn 2018, Inditex, H&M and Primark’s aggregated turnover reached €6.6 billion. Traditionally, sales of the three groups have evolved better than the revenue of the sector in Spain. These groups represent 37.8 per cent of the total fashion sector in Spain. Inditex occupies 68.18 per cent of the aggregated sales for the three giants. This fiscal, the company’s revenue in the Spanish market was three per cent more than last year. Sales of the group represented 16.3 per cent of the total. H&M’s revenue in Spain was higher by 8.2 per cent. However, low cost Irish giant Primark’s revenue in Spain fell three per cent. This is not due to the group’s revenue in Spain, but because of its problems in home market. Store chains lead the distribution channel in Spain, with a growth of 33.9 per cent, compared to department stores and multibrand outlets, which are seeing a fall in business. Despite all, the three giants of Spanish fashion have reduced their rhythm of growth. It was 2.17 per cent in 2018 compared to 18.8 per cent in 2014, 11.07 per cent in 2015 or 7.51 per cent in 2016.