INDOBDCCI is working to facilitate businesses of both the countries with trade information

Desk Report: Indonesia has the opportunity to increase a number of its export products to Bangladesh said, H.E Heru H Subolo  Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Ambassador said an iftar mahfil organized by Indonesia Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Ambassador also said we are increasing bilateral trade between the two countries on energy and mineral resources. There is an opportunity for energy supply to Bangladesh, including oil, LNG, and coal. INDOBDCCI is working to facilitate businesses of both the countries with trade information, ambassador added.
INDOBDCCI Directors, memebers , Editors of Print and Electronic Media, country’s top businessmen also attended the iftar mahfil.The guests prayed for the country’s economic development and the peace, and welfare of its people.

INDOBDCCI  President said, “This month is a time of charity and compassion, and I urge you to support those in need and contribute to worthy causes that make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens”. He said, “Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage and a history of hospitality. It is a land of diversity, with people from different faiths and backgrounds living together in harmony. This diversity is reflected in our food, our music, our art, and our traditions. I am proud to say that Bangladesh is a country that celebrates all religious occasions in unity”.
Bangladesh imports products worth over US$ 1.3 billion from Indonesia against the export of goods worth only $ 43 million.
Mostofa Quamrus Sobhan, Vice President of INDOBDCCI said, This organization aims to encourage investment and trade with Bangladesh and provide a social environment for business networking for Indonesian companies.
Bangladesh’s RMG sector has attached due importance to diversification of products, especially high-value non-cotton apparels and technical textiles,he added.”While the Indonesian textile sector can meet the demand of Bangladesh’s RMG sector for man-made fibre, Indonesia can import ready-made garments from Bangladesh,he also added. Moreover, the two countries have a number of similarities and a large market, which has more than 400 million people with a Muslim majority.”