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The Indonesian industry is targeted to enter world’s top five by 2030

indonesian-industryThe government of Indonesia has given full support to domestic producers especially in the sarong industry. The Indonesian textile and textile products industry is targeted to enter the ranks of the world’s top five by 2030, where the industry is being prioritized for implementing the fourth industrial revolution. This sector continues to rise, especially through its export achievements.

Several strategic steps have been prepared so that the textile industry can enter the digital era. For example, for the next 3-5 years, the Ministry of Industry will focus on boosting the ability in upstream sector to increase synthetic fiber production. Efforts are being made, among others, to collaborate or attract investment in fiber-producing companies. It will also encourage the use of digital technologies such as 3D printing, automation, and internet of things. This transformation is believed to optimize efficiency and productivity.

The Ministry of Industry will develop the potential of sarongs as a new lifestyle for the people of Indonesia. In March 2019 a sarong festival will be held. The Minister of Industry believes the domestic textile industry is capable of being competitive globally because it has high competitiveness. This is encouraged because the industrial structure has been integrated from upstream to downstream and its products are also known to have good quality in the international market.



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