Indonesia’s manufacturing sector is intensely stimulated by the Ministry of Industry to immediately move into Industry 4.0.

making-indonesia-4-0-696x398-1Indonesia’s manufacturing sector is strongly encouraged by the Ministry of Industry to immediately move into Industry 4.0. It will certainly bring benefits to the industrial sector, including improved maker and equipment performance, production speed and product quality and is compatible with health protocols, says Muhammad Khayam, Director General of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Textiles (IKFT), the Ministry of Independence. This step is part of the implementation of the Making Indonesia 4.0 Road map

Khayam stated that Indonesia 4.0 Readiness Index assessment (INDI 4.0) aims to measure company readiness to transform to industry 4.0, particularly in the IKFT sector. In this evaluation activity, he also explained the implementation of the IKFT industry 4.0 with its various application systems. The textile producer, for example, PT. After using industrial technology 4.0, Eratex Djaja was able to save electricity, water, coal and greenhouse gas emissions.

Khayam explained that 156 participants from the textile and non-metal mineral processing industries took part on the first day. He said one of the goals of IKFT sector companies with a higher INDI 4.0 of three could reach 11 companies in 2020, with a total of 21 by 2024, in keeping with the performance goals set by the Ministry of Industry in the 2020-2024 RPJMN. In INS 4.0, 1-2 indicates that industry 4.0 is ready in the initial stages, 2-3 results are moderately ready, and industry 4.0 is ready for a score of 4.0.