Industrial safety is a major concern of Bangladesh RMG industry


TF Local Desk

bangladesh-rmg-safetyRecently boiler explosion at a factory in Bangladesh is indicating that the country RMG industry is not still safe. The explosion was so powerful it destroyed parts of the factory, including a roof and several walls. The factory is owned by textiles manufacturer Multifabs, which makes clothing for mostly European brands. So, the buyers are very much worried about the safety issue of Bangladesh RMG industry.

The boiler explosion shows the danger of poorly maintained and uninspected boilers in the garment industry in Bangladesh. Fire separation alone is an insufficient measure, since, as in this disaster, the explosion of a defective boiler can be powerful enough to breach the walls of the room in which it is contained, spreading fire and/or causing structural damage. The only way to fully protect against the possibility of a boiler explosion is to ensure the integrity of the boiler.

Bangladesh has more than 4,500 garment factories employing four million mostly female workers at a minimum monthly wage. The industry is notorious for poor workplace safety, with many of the factories lacking basic equipment such as ventilation and air coolers.