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Interactive discussion on “Potential of Investing in Footwear Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh” held in Dhaka


sketchFootwear is an unavoidable community in human life and it takes so many diversifications in the global market which improves sales & demands of supplies. Considering cost effectiveness and industrialization Bangladesh is adopting footwear manufacturing rapidly and proud to have world class footwear production even though the numbers are still not considerable compare to garments industry. Expanding the awareness in industry and encouraging new investors to footwear sector is a vital requirement in the country.

Spectrum Lanka Technology Solutions Ltd, a leader in industrial development and management consultancy since decades understand the necessity of footwear industry development & taken steps to organize a seminar and interactive discussion on “Potential of Investing in Footwear Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh”.

The program has taken place on 6th October, 2018 in Dhaka with the guidance of Mr. Saiful Islam, honorable president of Leather Goods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association Bangladesh (LFMEAB) and leading footwear manufacturing companies. Mr. Rangith Hettiarachchy, leading footwear expert and chairman of footwear advisory council of Sri Lanka along with Mr. Gehan Perera, Consultant & Sr. Technologist of SLITA, Sri Lanka and Manager (Research & Development) footwear division, Sri Lankan Army were addressing the seminar along with honorable president of LFMEAB and corporate reformer Mr. Ranjan De Silva, CEO of Sensei International. All the experts have shared their views on the potentials in the industry.

Mr. Aminda Atthanayake, CEO of Spectrum Lanka Technology Solutions ltd, has highlighted development needs in the industry and the potential gaps have in Bangladesh for better footwear industry on tomorrow. Professionals and entrepreneurs from footwear industry, garment industry and many other business leaders was sharing their ideas in the interactive session and the experience shared by everyone was really fruitful to take future stapes from most of them. A&E, the leading industrial sewing thread manufacturer has joined their hands to make the event successful.