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The international smart textile market is growing at 30.4%.


Demand for smart textiles is mainly driven by increasing penetration of smart phones and other high-tech or smart devices. Leading tech giants have already ventured into this field and increased their R&D to lay the initial work for their smart fabric products. Super-fast developments in the field of research and development and increasing adoption of smart fabrics are going to contribute the most to its future growth. Microsoft will embed electronic functionality into yarns that are typically non-electronically functional. The defense and military segment is anticipated to account for the highest market share by 2025, while sports and fitness segment will register the fastest CAGR. North America accounts for over 47 per cent of the overall share, thus leading the global market.

The global smart textile market is anticipated to witness a substantial growth owing to increasing product demand from several applications, such as sports and fitness. Smart fabric fashion is the next upsurge in textiles, alluring consumers with style and innovation. From sports and fitness to medical and healthcare, to automotive and transportation, to safety/military, almost every industry has immense untapped potential in smart textile technology.