Intertek –A Bold New Brand Identity


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Photo: (from left) Mr. Rajesh Saigal – Executive Vice President – South & South East Asia, Intertek; Dr. Karthik N.D. – Country Managing Director, Intertek Bangladesh

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Recently Intertek organized an event to mark the launch of Intertek’s bold new brand identity.  Total Quality. Assured. These words succinctly capture Intertek’s purpose and its commitment to becoming the leading global Total Quality Assurance provider. Addressing representatives from a range of industries including leading retailers, brands, manufacturers of apparel and footwear companies at an event to mark the launch of Intertek’s bold new brand identity, they were words reiterated by Dr. Karthik N.D., Country Managing Director, Intertek Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh and across the world, Intertek offers customers a Total Quality Assurance value proposition, assisting organizations as their trusted quality partner providing ATIC (Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification) solutions which go beyond assuring the quality and safety of a corporation’s physical components and assets to also look at the reliability of their operating processes.

Intertek’s history spans over 130 years and dates back to some of the world’s leading pioneers in scientific innovation and industry. It is a powerful legacy which has been handed down from great founders Including Thomas Edison, who invented the first incandescent lightbulb. Intertek’s new brand identity is inspired by Edison’s passion for innovation.

In Bangladesh, Intertek’s ATIC services focus on a number of areas, including Softlines and Business Assurance Business Lines, being two of our major business lines. Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance commitment plays a significant role in each stage of the supply chain, from Research and Development to Consumer Management, with a focus on ‘glocal delivery’.

Changing the colour and logo is only one aspect of Intertek’s new brand identity. We are differentiating ourselves by shifting our focus from a standalone service provider to a Total Quality Assurance service provider. If you are a brand, retailer, manufacturer or supplier, we are here to support you and to deliver a superior service with our Total Quality Assurance value proposition covering each component of the supply chain.