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Iran shipped apparel to 29 states from March 20-September 20 approximately $35,190,052 million


foreign-garment-prices-increase“Iran has exported 4,527 tons of clothing in the first 5 months of the year (March 20-September20), to 29 states worth $35,190,052 million in that time when only Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq and Yemen were the target countries for Iranian clothing last year,” Ruhollah Latifi Said, the IRICA spokesperson. Latifi estimates that Iranian apparel is being sold to Turkey, Korea , Japan, the UAE, the UK, Korea, Ivory Coast, Italy, Turkey, Korea, Ivory Coast, Qatar, Kenya , Nigeria, Georgia, Spain and Denmark, Iraq, Kuwait, Australia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.

As specified, less than 2.5 tons of the above listed goods valued at USD $514,441 were imported into the country that was mostly entered by passengers or by rail, since clothing imports were prohibited. Domestic units supply 70-80 percent of the textile requirement within the region, says the chairman of the Irish Union of Garment Producers and Sellers.

“We have seen no lack of clothing on the clothing market before the new year’s holidays (early March) since the ban on imports of garments, domestic units make every attempt to increase their products’ quality and quantity,” Abolqasem Shirazi said.