ITME Africa & M.E. Curtain Raiser & Preview at Nairobi, Kenya on 3rd October 2023

ITME Africa & M.E. 2023 was conceived with a Vision to initiate a new era towards self reliance, socio-economic advancement & empowerment in the Textile & textile Engineering Sector with International co-operation for Africa & Middle East. This ambitious endeavor seeks to foster international cooperation while serving as a gateway for textile technology and engineering, encompassing technical education, skill development, investment, joint ventures, and sourcing, all with sustainable and long-term goals in mind.

Left to right Mr. Richard Cheruiyot, Board Chairman of the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA); Ms. Ruth Wadenya Ouma, Partnerships Manager, Kenya Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI); Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Imm. Past Chairman, India ITME Society; Mr. Ketan Sanghvi, Chairman, India ITME Society; Dr. Juma Mukwana, Principal Secretary, State Department for Industry, Republic of Kenya; Mr. Didier Moussa Lombe, Deuxieme Conseiller, Ambassade De La Repubiluque Demmocratique De Congo Au Kenya; Ms. Adina Devani, Honorary Consul, Bosnia & HerzegovinaH.E. Shri Rohit Vadhwana, Deputy High Commissioner, High Commission of IndiaMr. S Senthil Kumar, Hon’ Treasurer, India ITME Society;  Mr. Giuseppe Manenti, Director, Italian Trade CommissionMs. Seema Srivastava, Executive Director, India ITME Society.

Despite the immense untapped potential for trade expansion with Africa and the Middle East, current trade relations with these regions remain limited to specific sectors. However, all signs are pointing towards favorable conditions for economic prosperity and a successful global trade presence, making modernization and innovative technology the key to industry and business success in today’s world.

With over 80 years of development and a rapidly growing economy in the African continent, Kenya is on the right path to becoming Africa’s Textile and Apparel Hub. As the host country for ITME Africa 2023, Kenya, a prominent member of the African Union and an active participant in the African Free Trade Area (AFTA), can play a pivotal role in advancing the textile technology and engineering industry across the entire African continent.

This once-in-four-year event, set in Nairobi, Kenya, aims to promote joint ventures and business cooperation among textile and machine manufacturers. It acts as a catalyst for the modernization of the African textile industry and explores Kenya’s potential as a new business destination. In addition to India, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Togo, Turkey, Tunisia, Uganda, the United States of America, and Zambia, 23 other participating countries are joining this initiative.

ITME Africa & Middle East 2023 aims to strengthen its position as a pioneer in the modernization of its textile industry and establish itself as a hub for textile technology advancement for Africa and the Middle East. This includes focusing on new chapters such as cotton seed and cotton farming technology and equipment, machinery related to engineering products, home textile products, associated goods and services for the textile industry, technical information services, educational research institutes, and centers of excellence.

During the curtain raiser event, the Guest of Honor, H.E. Shri Rohit Vadhwana, Deputy High Commissioner & DPR (UNEP & UN-HABITAT) at the High Commission of India, Nairobi, highlighted the significance of this exhibition in enhancing bilateral trade and promoting industrial cooperation between India and Kenya. Chief Guest H.E. Dr. Juma Mukwana, Principal Secretary, State Department for Industry, Republic of Kenya, emphasized the potential of the Kenyan textile industry and its products on both domestic and international fronts.

Mr. Ketan Sanghvi, Chairman of India ITME Society, expressed optimism about the benefits this event will bring to Africa by sowing the seeds for future partnerships and successful businesses on the continent. Other dignitaries at the event underscored the importance of the latest and most efficient technology in achieving economic success and trade dominance both domestically and globally.

The curtain raiser event also showcased various government schemes, facilities, and incentives available for foreign companies, inviting industries to take advantage of these opportunities. Approximately 30 mainstream media outlets covered the event, further increasing its visibility.

ITME Africa & Middle East 2023, scheduled from November 30th to December 2nd, 2023, is set to create a conducive business environment, promote textile and technology exchange, and provide necessary infrastructure support. It brings together possibilities for textile businesses, institutes, students, associations, banks, investors, technology consultants, trainers, exporters, dealers, and agents, fostering entrepreneurship and start-up opportunities in the supply chain.

This event promises to be a unique and promising milestone for the textile industry in 2023, offering a plethora of opportunities to the African continent. Participants are invited to experience the winds of change and embark on a new journey for textiles in Africa.