Jeanologia innovative collections, 5.Zero: Indigo & vintage and All blacks

jeanologiaThe Spanish Company Jeanologia has introduced the sustainable concept to the textile industry through two innovative collections, 5.Zero: Indigo & vintage and All blacks. The collection 5.Zero indigo & vintage, is inspired by the vintage of the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s and shows how, through the use of Jeanologia’s laser, it is possible to create wear and other effects from the era, saving water and considerably reducing the use of chemicals and energy.
All blacks showcases the benefits of eco-technology for developing finishes on black denim. Combining the use of laser and G2 ozone technology, Jeanologia enhances the white effect in the used area, avoiding the use of potassium permanganate spray.
Jeanologia is a pioneer in the development of sustainable technologies worldwide. The aim is to have zero discharge, zero manual scrapping, zero potassium permanganate spray, zero stone washing and zero bleach as the standard in the denim industry, improving appearance and product quality with a neutral cost.
The environmental footprint of all developments made at Jeanologia is analyzed using the EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) software. This software, developed by the company, measures water, energy and chemical consumption.