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Jeanologia launches a new edition of the school


Garment finishing production methods evolve at a fast pace, turning towards digitalization to become more efficient and sustainable. That opens a whole world of possibilities for those who are ready to seize the opportunity. Among others, the latest finishing processes create a new field for designers. Now more than ever, companies need designers that can use technology to its full potential. This combination of creativity, artistry and technology that will rule the industry in the coming years means that the new design professionals for the textile industry must be experts in techniques for laser design, but also have knowledge on the subsequent finishing processes necessary to bring their creations to life, to create high quality sustainable products.images-1

Training the new generation of laser designers

We understand that need, and so we created The School. Our aim is to train the new generation of laser designers, through a scholarship program that gives them the chance to learn from the experts how to design using technology. The School is an eminently practical training that rests on three pillars: graphic design for laser applications on textile, denim product development and sustainable production methods. Our headquarters in Valencia are the setting for this training, where our trainees will have at their disposal the resources of a complete development center and the counsel they need to become laser design experts themselves.


As it is our goal to drive the digital transformation of the industry, once the training in our facilities is over, our graduates leave the School to work for our clients anywhere in the world. This is an opportunity for them to apply all their acquired knowledge in a real production environment, and the perfect way for the companies hiring them to implement the digital transformation of their garment finishing processes.